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Hightop Metal Mesh We are a professional manufacturing company specializing in producing high quality woven wire mesh. View More Inquiry Now Quality Products Hightop Metal Mesh produces various materials of woven wire mesh and related products in top quality. View More Inquiry Now Quality Control Hightop Metal Mesh is IS0 9001:2015 certified Our woven wire mesh products comply with ASTM E2016, ASTM E2814 and ISO 9044 standards. View More Inquiry Now

A Leading Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturer & Supplier

Hightop is a professional metal mesh manufacturer and supplier in China, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified company, all of our stainless steel wire mesh and weld mesh are for exportation with a quality of our customers’ standard or our minimum standard ASTM E2016. And our products have the traceability. Now, we own three workshops and each of them is responsible for the production of different specifications. They are managed by three different mangers that have about 20 years weaving and welding experience. Besides, we have a professional customer service team to solve problems anytime for our customers. We must reply to customer’s questions within 24 hours.

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Who We Are

With 15 years of wire mesh production and distribution experience, Hebei Hightop Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. is one of the most recognized manufacturers for the wire mesh industry.

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Quality Control

Hebei Hightop Metal Mesh constantly upgrades and modernizes our equipment to meet our clients’ needs and help them be competitive in today’s fierce market.

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Factory Show

Hebei Hightop Metal Mesh currently operates 3 factories across China with over 100 sets of equipment used to manufacture various metal mesh designs

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Our Customer

Hebei Hightop Metal Mesh not only manufactures wire mesh to meet local demands, we also export to more than 70 countries including USA, EU and Japan.

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Hot Products

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Plain and Twill Weave

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

We have a full range of 304 and 316 stainless steel wire mesh products available for fast shipping and our mesh comply with ASTM E2016, ASTM E2814 and ISO 9044 as our minimum standard.

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh Hardware Cloth

Stainless Steel Welded Mesh

Stainless steel welded wire mesh is welded from a series of transverse and longitudinal stainless wires at right angles, usually square, with a firm weld at each crossing of transverse and longitudinal wire.

stainless steel security screens

Security Window Screens

Hightop security screens are made of tightly woven stainless steel mesh, which resists knives, crowbars and other theft tools. Our security screens resist knives, crowbars and other theft tools.

Copper Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh

Copper wire mesh is one of the popular metals used because of its malleability and flexibility making it the ideal material. Its reddish-orange hue also makes it an excellent choice in the architectural industry.

Aluminum Wire Mesh and Screen

Aluminum Wire Mesh

Aluminum wire mesh is the ideal mesh for residential and commercial use. Due to its lightweight property and malleability, it is versatile and easy enough to work on that even a regular pair of shears.

galvanized wire cloth

Galvanized Wire Mesh

Galvanized woven wire mesh is one of the most inexpensive options in window screen and filtration applications. The mesh is coated with zinc to protect it from rust and corrosion.

brass wire mesh cloth

Brass Wire Mesh

Brass Wire Mesh When stainless steel material is not needed, Brass wire mesh can be used instead. Brass wires are ideal as they have superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Nickel Wire Mesh

Nickel Wire Mesh

Nickel is another popular alloy that is commonly used in making wire mesh especially for industries that require fine and high quality wires that also have excellent corrosion resistance ability.




English is our primary correspondence; however, other languages may also be available. All emails are replied to within 2 hours during regular business hours and within 12 hours during non-working hours.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Time is essential and we know that our clients’ needs is our need. Each project is planned and clients are informed throughout the production schedule to ensure timely updates and delivery of the orders. All available stocks are ready to be shipped within 3 days.

Factory Price

Factory Price

We know that budget is important to our clients, this is why we find ways to help our clients save on their order. We provide quotes and our sales staff can help to ensure that the client’s budget is met with comparable products from other providers.

Hightop Brand

Quality Standard

Hightop Metal Mesh is IS0 9001:2015 certified company, and all of our stainless steel woven wire cloth comply with ASTM E2016 standard. All of our metal mesh are inspected to ensure compliance.

Wire Mesh Adequate Stock

Adequate Stock

With 3 factories across China, we can ensure availability of stainless steel wire mesh that can be shipped immediately.

Our vision

To be the pioneer of new-style representative of Chinese wire mesh industry

Our Mission

To steadily enlarge the clients’ value and improve their competitiveness


Our value

To service the client, fulfill the employee and dedicate the society

Our Enterprise Spirit

Tenacity, innovation, cooperation and learning.



Our Customers

Our customers are mainly from the USA, EU and Japan, etc. They are all major in the industries of petroleum…

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